Landscape Design

Anytime you think of starting a landscape project, big or small, it is imperative that you have a Landscape Design that gives you an overall look of what you are hoping to achieve.

There is no quicker way to loose your hard earned cash than to realize at the end, or during the process (if your lucky) that you don’t like certain aspects and already have other ideas of what you think may have been better. It is always easier and cheaper to make mistakes and changes on paper before you put a shovel in the ground.

How a professional Landscape Design can help:

  • The Scale and Proportion of all the elements in the yard need to cohesively work together. You don’t want any element to stand out because it looks insignificant or over powering
  • Traffic Flow- It is always important to think about the entry and exit points of a property. The direction in which you steer people to come and go needs to be done in a safe manner, that allows your guest to not have to think about where they are stepping.
  • Budget and Time Savings- If you have a budget you want to stay within, a designer will save you a lot of time and guess work as to what materials you can use that will stay within your budget. A landscape design will spec out a few different material options that with allow you to stay on budget.
  • Working Phases- If a job is to take you a few years due to the scope of work, a well thought out landscape design will allow you to phase the project in the proper chronological way that it should be constructed. Not having a plan for a phased job often leads to a portion of the project being built prematurely. This leads to a lot of wasted time and money as you may have to tear up a portion of the section in order to accommodate the next phase.
  • Plant Material- Plant material is essential to every design. It allows for lots of different colour, texture and height. As there are hundreds of plant varieties and variations to choose from, a designer will know which ones are best suited for your area and scope of work.

If your thinking of starting any type of landscape projects, give the professional design team at Urban Image a call. No matter what stage your at, we can provide you with a simple black and white 2D plan, or a more detailed colour 2D plan, or even a 3D virtual walk through.

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