The Value of Diversity

Published in Natural Landscape Magazine
Written by Vikki L Morrison | Photography by Bryan Caporicci

There is no cookie cutter approach to being a good landscape designer. Sometimes you just follow the path that lies before you, and sometimes you have to lay that path stone by stone with your own hands. Jeff Komadoski, owner and head designer of Urban Landscape and Design chose the latter. As a kid Komadoski started his first business, dragging a lawnmower behind him he banged on his neighbor’s doors looking for lawns to mow. Now he’s a landscape designer with an entrepreneurial spirit that regularly takes him on new business ventures. His clients love the service he provides, because from start to finish Urban Landscape and Design is in control of the project.


Located halfway between Niagra Falls and Burlington Komadoski and his Senior Designer, David Cuthburt service the Golden Horseshoe and portions of the GTA of Ontario. Having worked together for many years they are experienced in all types of typical landscape design and service provision; turf, lighting, stone work, retaining walls, walkways, and putting greens. The company is located in wine country, but their designs lean toward modern, linear and off-set; hence the company name Urban Landscape and Design. Working closely with their own crews, the company handles the majority of construction landscape requirements on projects. With the capacity to provide designs in 2D, 2D colour, or the popular 3D with colour the design component of project management is an in-house job as well. Making the entire process a one-stop shopping experience for clients.

“We will design for a client if they have other landscapers already lined up, but the project flows from budget to completion so smoothly if we oversee all the steps,” says Komadoski. “We are unique because David and I work together in several businesses. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. We see ourselves as talented designers, but we also have a knack for business. That control allows us to provide landscape materials and products to our customers quickly and efficiently.”

Diversification has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently bring our designs from the paper to our client’s properties.

In fact, the two run a manufacturing facility as well. Having access to key items like fabricated parts for excavators, and commercial grade heaters, and custom wrought iron benefits their customers. “We produce railings and pool fences, all in a gorgeous powder coated wrought iron. These are custom pieces that fit perfectly into our designs. Our wrought iron pergolas are unique. People love that,” says Komadoski.

As a member of a management group of Niagra area retailers Komadoski also sells items like edging materials, artificial turf, and putting green turf to the public and other retailers. “With this business we’ve become small scale suppliers. We provide the unique pieces that clients don’t even see as part of their landscaping project. The small things that tie a project together.” From landscape design to construction, fabrication of parts and manufacturing of wrought iron, to small scale supply of unseen necessary pieces of landscape hardware, Urban Landscape and Design has created an access point through their companies. “Diversification has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently bring our designs from the paper to our client’s properties.”

April 8th, 2013
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